Sunday, July 11, 2010

It Can't Get Any Better Than This!!!

Today there was an auction in our neighborhood. Our neighbors sold their house and since their children are grown, decided to auction off the contents of their home. They did not have room in the new house (also wrong decor.) Since I have never been to an auction, I talked my son Kody into attending with me. I am not a bartering person and don't do well in situations where I have to negotiate anything, but I played a good poker face. I registered for my number and walked around like I knew what I was doing. There were a few items I wanted to bid on but when the moment of truth came, I CHICKENED OUT!!!

The whole process was exciting but so intimidating. I was afraid that I would be bidding against MYSELF. Kody on the other hand takes after his Uncle Bum and bid on some sort of lens assembly for his truck. Personally, I had no idea what it was, but he knew the value and told me to give him my number. I gave him the "be careful" speech and he gave me the "look" (you know, the one where you are actually getting the hand ... I know what I am doing look.) Thankfully he does not take after his mom and didn't choke last minute. He won the bid for $25.00. As we were walking back to the car, he casually mentioned the parts are worth about $200.00. I am a proud momma of a NEGOTIATOR.

The best part of the day was after we returned home. I layed down to cool off and relax a bit (excitement wears me out) and actually took a nap. Yep you heard, a nap!! It was wonderful. The cherry on the top was when I woke up, my husband told me that my darling daughter went and fed the horses too.

Life is good.

Be Blessed,

Shannon Willis

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