Sunday, June 19, 2011

My New Studio!

I apologize to those of you that follow me. My blogging attempts over the last several months have been awful. With the school year ending, work, our barn, etc, my time is consumed. The other reason was my studio had become something of a "catch all" and I had severly outgrown it. In order for me to work in there, I had to put stuff away and rearrange a bit, which very quickly took away any movitation to work on my projects.

Well, that has all changed. My birthday was in May and I asked my husband and kids to help me move my studio to the back bedroom. The forth bedroom was just a small den area for the kids to watch tv, etc. Since they both have televisions in their room, that bedroom was unused most of the time and it was much larger.

Before taking on this project, I searched HOURS on various blogs, websites, etc. I searched storage ideas and craft desks until I found things I really liked and that would be useful to me. It took us about three weekends to get everything built and moved. I realized just how much stuff I actually have once it was all sitting in my living room. It really looked like we had just moved in. My husband is ABSOLUTELY the best. He did an amazing job and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being in there. It makes working so much easier having everything in its place.

Baskets I decorated with my Cricut and black vinyl. I love having all the stuff I use frequently right at my fingertips. I also like being able to have friends over to work on projects with me. My husband made the main desk area large enough to comfortable fit two to three people. It is also large enough to keep my super large fabric cutting mat on top. Before it was rolled up and stuck in the corner of the closet. It was a pain in the neck to get it out to use it on my dining room table.

I love my husband and kids so much and appreciate their hard work. They made this momma's birthday the best ever.