Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day of Scrappin'


The last Friday of every month a group of us get together to work on our scrapbooks. I either hold a crop here at my house or I attend one at the First United Methodist Church of Brandon. I am grateful to the other girls for inviting me to their church. I always have a great time. This Friday, there were only 5 of us. My friends Wendy and Betsy brought in their books and showed some pretty interesting things. Betsy purchased these really neat page protectors that I am anxious to get my hands on. I am hoping it will help me get my books caught up. Wendy brought in some adorable pages that she found at our local scrapbook store that are pre-made. She mixes in her homemade pages and has completed some of the most beautiful books. These kits are also on my must have list. My friend and neighbor Kim amazes me. She was able to complete I believe an entire 8 X 8 book in what seemed like minutes.

I helped my friend Joy make hostess gifts, that turned out wonderful. I wanted to keep one myself. I did manage to get four layouts done of my kids when they were little.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Garden

Last weekend I planted my annual garden. It is small, but I love that feeling of "getting back to nature." I only wish I had more space to plant a bigger one. Hopefully I can enjoy some delicious tomatos and peppers.

Sara and Khandi Bey

For our family and friends, this is a current photo of Sara and her horse Khandi Bey.

Licensed to Drive

On February 27, 2009, my son Kody finally got his driver's license. It took him until he was almost 18 before he was ready to get it.


Ok, I must admit, I am so green with envy at all of the other adorable blogs, that I had to try this blogging thing myself. Unfortunately, I am challenged and a little out of touch when it comes to what is "in", especially when it has something to do with computers and technology. Just when I figure out a blog, darned if everyone is now on Facebook. Oh well, I will get there too some day. For now I am happy to share my photos and crafts with my family and friends.