Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just a post

Sorry for the lapse in postings. My grand "boys" have been here this week and we try and squeeze in as much time as possible. They are leaving this morning so I am a little blue today.

I did want to post this photo I took of my dog Weezer. I got my Stampin' Up! Gala tote today WOO HOO! It has so much room. I can get all kinds of things in there. After unpacking my tote, my dog Weezer likes to spend time in my craft room. This day she found the Stampin' Up! box to be the perfect spot to nap.

I have two cards challenges to finish, a card swap to prepare for and a little house cleaning to do. Having to very active boys in the house left my house a little cluttered (I wouldn't trade it for the world though.)

I will post photos of my boys and my other projects later.

Be Blessed everyone.

Shannon Willis

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