Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aren't They The Cutest??!!!

Aren't they just the cutest boys? I know, I am bragging, but I can't help it. Andrew and Carlos just melt my heart. I had such a great time with them this past week. I have to admit, they wore this Mimi out, but afternoon walks to the park and ice cream are the best. I sure do miss them and can't wait to see them in October. We are going to host Andrew's 8th birthday party here. He and I are planning an EXTREME sports party. I have the perfect stamp set for the invitations. Andrew gave his approval before he left. We will be Skyping each other to finalize the details.

It's great to be a Mimi!

Be Blessed,

Shannon Willis

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  1. What cute boys, gotta love grandkids. We have ours every Sat evening and take them to church on Sun. I'm your newest follower from SC