Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wedding Anniversay Invitation

Since the beginning of this year I have faithfully started attending church again. I admit, I am a slacker for going to church. Come Sunday mornings, I can find every excuse for not attending. This year, when I attended our annual Candlelight Communion service, I realized during that beautiful service it was time to get my relationship with the Lord back on track and how much I missed our pastor and his wife, actually my whole church family. I have attended Christ Center Fellowship for approximately 25 years. The church is built on the property my grandmother was raised on. Since her death, I realized there was a part of me that I hadn't let God heal, actually I was a little mad at him for taking her away. She was a HUGE part in my life and I miss her terribly. During communion, my pastor made a comment about her singing with the angels and rejoicing in heaven now. Even though I knew that, the visual image I had when he said those words made me want to grow my relationship with the Lord so much more.

My church family is so special. It is a small congregation which I love. Even though it had been years since I last attended, they have been so welcoming. Some of my grandmother's dear friends are still there. I basically grew up with them as I attended functions with my grandmother when I was small. I am finding that as I grow and mature, their being seasoned Christians are comforting to me.

This year is special as my pastor and his wife will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Next Sunday they are planning to renew their vows and we have the privilige of celebrating with them. Several members of the congregation have made special gifts to give them. Since they didn't have an actual wedding, I decided to make invitations to document this special day. I can't take full credit for the design as I CASED it from Studio on Eight. I just changed the colors and wording. Nevertheless, it turned out beautiful.

What do you think? I hope they like it.

Stamps: None
Ink: None
Paper: Very Vanilla and Brushed Gold
Accessories: Vellum paper, rhinestone and miscellaneous ribbon

Be Blessed,

Shannon Willis

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