Monday, March 7, 2011

I love my BFF!!

I just have to say I have the best BFF in the world!! Karen, a/k/a Happy Mrs. White made this delicious homemade dinner for me. My bride's maid gift from her was a week's worth of home cooked meals. IS THAT THE BOMB OR WHAT?!! Well, there is a funny story behind this delightful meal.

I am NOT (stressing the word NOT) a cook! I like to bake, but cooking, well, it's not my thing. A few weeks back during our wedding preparations frenzy, I needed Karen's help getting something prepared for dinner. My cooking skills usually involve some sort of cream soup and cheese, you know, those dishes where you literally throw everything into a baking dish and mix it all up casserole-type-dish. This particular night I was trying to make tater tot casserole, yes you heard me, the Duggar Family tater tot casserole only I didn't have all of the ingredients. I believe Mrs. Duggar was busy having a baby or she would have cried at my attempt of her casserole. My friend Karen was ABSOLUTELY appalled having to cook with any ingredients that begin with the word cream!! After several questions from my friend (who is now wearing dark color sunglasses and a large hat) wondering if cheese or the oven was involved, my meal that evening turned out great and was given a thumbs up from my family. SWEET!

That being said, tonight's dish included Chicken Bruschetta Pasta, herb focaccia bread and a bottle of Sexy Wine Bomb. All of course being homecooked and the use of fresh ingredients. It was SCRUMPTIOUS! Also included in the delivery were these cute little paper napkins Chris and Karen got me while on their honeymoon. I think they fit my personality to a T.

Be Blessed,

Shannon Willis

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