Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Regional Photos - Part II

This is going to be a short and simple post as I am trying to get my dinner prepared. This time of evening I typically have a kitchen that is smoked filled and am trying to find the phonebook for take out :) Starting tomorrow, I will be posting the SWAP cards. I will have to take photographs of some of them prior to posting. They are beautiful and can't wait to share with you. Until then, I hope you enjoy some of the projects that were demonstrated during the WOW Workshop!

I love how you can take a simple photo frame and dress it up into a beautiful piece of art work!

Up close photo of Shelli's egg.

Scissor pouch made with the Petal Cone die. This is next on my list. There are so many things you can do with this die!

HELLO!!! Can you believe this cake? It is absolutely beautiful.

I hope you are enjoying the photos. In my years of being a demonstrator, I never would have imagined the things you can do with paper. My creative cap is spinning right now.

Be Blessed,

Shannon Willis


  1. Ohh, my, that cake is divine and the scissor pouch? I am IN LOVE! Gah, now I need to get that Petal Cone die... >.< Thanks for the inspiration again, Shannon!

  2. How cool is that cake topper flower! So pretty!
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