Sunday, April 11, 2010

Missing the boys! :(

Wow, what a week. My daughter-in-law Javiera and my two adorable grandsons Andrew and Carlos came to stay with us. We had such an amazing time. The boys have grown so much since Christmas. Carlos is walking and Andrew must have grown at least 5 inches. We went to the park, enjoyed popsicles, played with the dogs, fed the horses, swam in the pool, played video games, ate pizza, you name it, we did it. Since they live in Jacksonville, we don't see them as often as we would like to. To make up for some lost time, Javiera is planning to visit more during the summer. It is very hard for us to travel due to having the horses.

Saying goodbye to them is so hard, even though I know that we'll be seeing them again very soon.

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  1. What precious pictures! Glad you had a wonderful visit. They grow up sooooo quickly. I still can't believe my "baby" is on his way to being ten.