Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Warriors!

Wow, am I tired. This day light savings time is killing me. This past weekend was wonderful, but very busy. On Friday, I made various paper crafts in anticipation of being a vendor at a local barn where my daughter participated in a horse show. Blustery days and paper crafts DO NOT mix. After setting up my tent and table, and getting ready for customers, the winds went wild. The roof of the tent nearly blew away, and off went the items on the table; PAPER CRAFTS, mind you. Paper tends to be hard to catch. After getting a little help from some new friends, we relocated the tent to the other side of the barn to block the wind... NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I finally threw in the towel.

My Sara did an amazing job, although her horse Khandi Bey was a little under the weather. She received 2 thirds and 1 fourth. I am amazed at her drive to compete. Below are some of the photos I took (yay me!)

My niece Hayes competed in her first lead line class. She was absolutely adorable and soooo proud of her "blue ribbon". Her older sister Hannah led Hayes around on their pony, Chloe. Hannah also competed and also brought home a lot of blue! It actually was a total family affair, as Jason, the girls' father was the cook for the "Galaxy Grill". Yummy burgers, I might add.

On Sunday, Sara and I mended fences at our barn all day. There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done.

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