Saturday, February 6, 2010

Club Create Photos!

Last night, I hosted my first monthly Club Create workshop! It was successful, and I had an amazing time with everyone who came. We created many cute cards and mini scrapbooks, and I even managed to get someone who was interested in having a party for her daughter!

One of my guests wanted to show off her scrapbook, as it was for another family member. I thought that she did amazing!

I also was so happy that my friend Jeannie came, as she gave me some great advice and helped me add some special flares to some of my creations. Thanks Jeannie!

Unfortunately, we couldn't have much peace and quiet. One of our dogs decided that we were neglecting her and she wanted attention, so she climbed onto our scrapbook table. Also, one of the younger girls brought "Just Dance!" on the Wii, and they spent some time playing with it. Their favorite song to dance to? African Tribal Music. It certainly brought on some good laughs!

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